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Mineral: Corundum
Colour: Pink to red
Moh's Hardness: 9
Birthstone: July
Anniversary: 15th and 40th

The ruby is one of the most loved gemstones and due to its rarity and popularity, it fetches a higher price per carat than any other coloured gem. The red colour of ruby has always linked it to passion, romance and power. It is highly desired due to its hardness, durability, lustre, and rarity. Ruby has the same composition as sapphire, making it second in hardness only to a diamond and thus an excellent gem for longevity when worn in jewellery.


The ruby has a long and vibrant history, and has been viewed as important throughout time and across many different cultures. Being the colour of blood has often linked it to strength and power, as well as beauty and wisdom. With a name derived from the Latin word for red, the glowing colour of the gem has seen it described as an inexhaustible flame. It was a popular stone for the wealthy elite in the Medieval period, believed to impart health, vitality, wealth and romantic success upon the wearer.


Rubies are very hard gems that are suitable for all kinds of jewellery, including rings. While they are extremely hard, be aware that any stone can break if it is hit hard enough. Wear all jewellery with care and avoid exposure to abrasive materials and harsh chemicals.

To clean, soak your ruby jewellery in a dish of warm soapy water and use a soft toothbrush to gently brush away any built up residue. You can also use a jewellery cleaning cloth or professional jewellery cleaning products developed to be safe on rubies. Professional jewellers use an ultrasonic machine to clean your rubies; bring them in for an annual clean and check.

Ruby Pieces