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Element: Au
Colour: Yellow
Moh's Hardness: 2.5 - 3
Anniversary: 50th

Nothing else can claim the incredible legacy of gold, which has been woven into history and civilisation more than any other metal. Humans have historically placed a high value on gold, equating it with power, divinity, beauty and the elite. Since gold is found in many parts of the globe, these beliefs can be traced through many varied ancient and modern civilisations. Jewellers and metalsmiths have always loved using gold due to it’s excellent working characteristics, and while it has many uses, today 60% of the world’s demand for gold is used for jewellery.


Scientists believe gold was present in the dust from which the universe was formed, and that it was produced in supernova nucleosynthesis from the collision of neutron stars. When the Earth was formed it was molten, and is likely that almost all the gold present sank into the planetary core. The gold that we are able to mine and find is in the Earth’s crust and mantle, thought to have been later delivered by asteroid impacts about 4 billion years ago. Gold has always been linked with beauty, power and prestige, and was also often linked to divinity and the gods across many cultures.


Gold is a durable material if cared for correctly. It can last many years but should be periodically cleaned and checked for wear and tear. Clean your gold jewellery yourself by simply soaking the piece in warm soapy water and using a soft brush to remove dirt and built up grime. For polished finishes use a professional jewellery polishing cloth. If your piece has a matte finish, we recommend a professional liquid cleaning product designed to dip your piece into.

A jeweller can use an ultrasonic machine to clean gold and at the same time re-polish or re-finish your jewellery if required. Be sure to store your jewellery in separate compartments or boxes so the pieces don’t scratch. Note that gold plating is a surface treatment that can wear away with time; it is not as long lasting as alloyed gold (i.e. 9ct and 18ct). To ensure longevity of this finish, avoid scratching and store it separately. Gold plating can usually be refreshed by replating carried out by a professional, bring it to us for assessment.

Gold Pieces