Bi-Coloured Ceylon Sapphire Stacking Ring

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This collection of rings came together when I was travelling in the Sapphire gemfield area of Queensland which is on the Tropic of Capricorn. I found a gem dealer who had an unusual, special collection of bi-coloured Ceylon sapphires. He'd been keeping them aside from his travels to Sri Lanka as they were rare and unique. No one had expressed much interest in them until he showed me and I spent the next couple of hours pouring over the gems with a loupe, selecting just the right stones to form this set.

Materials —
18ct white gold set with various shaped bi-coloured blue-white Ceylon sapphires, matte finish

Dimensions —
1.4mm round band

These are one-of-a-kind sapphires and once sold out, cannot be exactly replicated. However please enquire if you are interested as Melanie may be able to make something similar with a different stone.


Bi-Coloured Ceylon Sapphire Stacking Ring Bi-Coloured Ceylon Sapphire Stacking Ring